Maria Vs Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas and his real-life love affair with Madonna have been well documented. Madonna wrote her autobiography in 2020 and included a very touching account of how Banderas helped her through one of the worst periods in her life. We hope you enjoy this article on “The Angel and the Detective” – a Banderas/Madonna love story.

Miss Banana Kris was in a crisis. When she first met Antonio Banderas, she thought she would soon be a princess or a movie star, but this was not to be. She was only nineteen years old when he first approached her at a costume party in California, and now the guy she thought was perfect for her was a bitter man.

“She kept asking him if he was really going to marry her,” says Madonna, “and he said no, that he just wanted to have some fun. He was wearing a tie, and he looked like he had spent a lot of time away from home, a real boy. He was funny and shy and I liked him immediately.”

Miss Banana Kris had long loved music and performing and had always been one of the most talented dancers in town. She was the queen of her tiny theater company, and even though she was relatively young and inexperienced, she had a natural flair for it.

However, she had never wanted to be the main star and the one with whom the famous stars dined. Banderas wasn’t like that.

When the couple moved to Miami, the two became close friends with the lead singer of the Beastie Boys, and they stayed in touch by going to shows and parties together. She liked that he was very different from the other people in the band, she also liked that he knew how to be happy with what he had.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

“He had no money and a girlfriend who wanted to marry him so badly,” she says, “so he told me about how he had just bought himself a new boat and that he was going to put a sail on it and sail around the world. He said it was his dream and he wanted to go and he didn’t care if I liked it or not.”

Miss Banana Kris told him that she didn’t feel he was ready for this kind of thing and that she wanted to take him to Las Vegas and surprise him with a nice trip. Banderas had just moved to New York, he had no idea how expensive Vegas was and if he could afford to get himself a ticket.

“So I drove down to his apartment and brought some bags of random things, like air fresheners and T-shirts that didn’t make me look like I worked out all my workout moves,” she says. Banderas took off his shirt and showered, then she dressed him in a Hawaiian shirt and headbands.

“I don’t know why I didn’t plan any of this,” she says, “but I guess I’m like an idiot. All I needed to do was be positive and simple and I would have been fine.”

She went up to Banderas’ apartment and found that it was already completely furnished, except for one thing, a big fake picture of Madonna from the cover of “Sexy And I Know It.” The two spent hours talking and singing, he danced the night away, and Miss Banana Kris was surprised by how much the two of them actually enjoyed being in each other’s company.

So when you’re ready to dance the night away, slip into your favorite outfit, and become one with the stars, visit Madonna and Banderas. They are the stars you want, in all their glory.

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