Ian McKellen – Lothlórien Trilogy – Acting In Three Characters

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen

If you know anything about the works of Ian McKellen, then you already know he is a god at portraying emotions. In his role as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he had to play several characters. For some of them, he played many of them and for others, he only played one.

Lothlórien was the first of the three movies, in which McKellen played more than one character. It was also the most painful experience of his acting career. He died while shooting scenes on the island of Erebor. Though he did not die in the movie, many of his fellow actors and crew members were severely injured in the accident.

The Lothlórien cast, lead by McKellen, also included Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, John Bell, Miriam Margolyes, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Lee, Billy Boyd, and David Legato. McKellen’s acting rivals include Peter Cushing, who played “the spider” in the first installment of the original Star Wars series, and Meryl Streep.

Before starting work on Lothlórien, McKellen was worried that it would be very difficult to take part in a role in which he plays three different characters in one movie. The truth is, he was able to pull it off.

McKellen described how difficult it was to play three different characters on screen. He had to plan out the scenes and make sure that they were all related to each other. He also had to realize when to leave a scene or when to be in the middle of another one.

The most difficult aspect of playing McKellen was finding the right pace in his acting and portraying the roles. Most actors learn to act before going into movies.

Bad news for the Hobbit fans is that McKellen did not learn to act before he started working in this trilogy. The longer he was in this role, the harder it became for him to maintain a normal pace in acting.

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen

It’s also hard for a young actor to come across three characters on screen. Usually, one role leads into the next, while the other one acts as an overlap of the two previous characters. However, the primary difference in the three roles for McKellen is that he portrays three individuals.

McKellen took on these tasks with extreme care, as these are characters in the Lord of the Rings that have been thoroughly written out. No character is to be missed and no single character seems to dominate the movie.

The primary difference between the three Lothlórien characters is the absence of Boromir. All of them are required to defeat the orc warriors. This is why J.R.R. Tolkien named his three main characters after their characters in the series: Boromir, Tauriel, and Faramir.

These three characters are expected to grow from young actors, as J.R.R. Tolkien has planned for their arrival in the storyline.

McKellen’s acting was not as difficult as the roles he played. Although it was very painful to go through the entire filming process, it was so difficult that McKellen was able to maintain a normal pace throughout the whole film.

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