Is His Role in Star Wars Episode I return Gerard Bak To Star Wars?

Gerard Bak

Gerard Bak

Is the future of The Phantom Menace, centered on the mysterious Dr. Ahmet, played by Gerard Bak? The actor recently revealed his role in the popular Star Wars television show, but fans remain mystified about how his Phantom Menace character will be introduced.

This all sounds very exciting, and indeed it is for fans of the original trilogy. But fans are perplexed as to how Butler is going to get so far into the show with his role and when exactly he will die. Of course, most of this remains shrouded in mystery.

Some general rumors have speculated that Butler might be playing the mentor to Anakin Skywalker, the son of Star Wars’ first and second actors, George Lucas and Mark Hamill. This might seem far-fetched because of the fact that other popular character deaths in the Star Wars saga involve young children who haven’t yet reached adulthood. One such character death involves Padme Amidala, the wife of a Jedi.

Gerard Bak

Gerard Bak

Another rumor is that Butler is to be played by the villainous Kanjiklub, an alien who works for Count Dooku. Though this isn’t really a rumor, but rather an idea that is floating around the internet. The plan is that Kanjiklub is somehow responsible for bringing down the entire Clone Wars, which was first introduced in the film Attack of the Clones.

After this big twist, it is reported that Kanjiklub is to be killed off in a sword fight. Fans were quite surprised to see that their favorite character will be killed off with a slash of a lightsaber.

It seems that this was a huge surprise because Anakin seems to get slaughtered by Obi-Wan Kenobi in a sword fight without any accompanying effects. Will this new spinoff movie introduce fans to Kanjiklub, or will this character still be too mysterious for fans to get excited about?

A great opportunity to introduce a new character is presented when none of the other main Star Wars characters are around. We’ll be able to imagine this new character through the lens of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

When Kanjiklub was introduced, it is said that he had many anime and manga elements. For example, he had a mask that looked like the one the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn wears, as well as an assortment of clothes and weapons. Even though fans may not think it is too much to ask for, the actor did say he would like to see his role evolve into something more than just a mask and swords.

“I think people who go to theaters to see this movie are very excited about seeing this character, and they’ll do what it takes to find a way to get into this role, and good luck,” Butler said. The actor went on to say that he hopes his role will cause controversy among Star Wars fans, making people want to see the movie.

Another great thing about being a part of the new series is that there are no time restraints, and he can literally be as involved as he wants to be. He can be as smart as he wants to be and can spend as much time as he wants to.

Gerard Bak has proven himself as a very capable actor in the horror movie Fright Night, and now he is going to be given a chance to star in a Star Wars movie. So fans should keep an eye out for him.

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