Jennifer Lawrence Biography


Jennifer Lawrence biography

Jennifer Lawrence biography

“J. Law” – that is how Jennifer Lawrence fans would call her, but she has a much cooler nickname, too: Top Gun Squeak. Her life has been both the ultimate teen idol and an inspiration to those around her. The award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence made it a point to work hard and show her commitment to helping others, whether it’s on the silver screen or in the world of charity.

When Jennifer Lawrence was young, she would always stay up all night watching her favorite actors on television, hoping to be one of them someday. But when she got older, she realized that acting wasn’t for her. She wanted to be something more than the ingenue with glasses, the ingenue with the big smile, the ingenue with the man-boobs.

Lawrence decided that she had to do something about that. As a child, she suffered from anorexia, the fear of being so thin that people wouldn’t want to date her, and she’d even tried to starve herself.

When Jennifer Lawrence was 17, she tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of pills. She was rushed to the hospital where she regained consciousness after some eight hours. She learned that her body had gone into shock due to a lack of oxygen. She was placed in an induced coma until doctors could find a way to restore her consciousness.

Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence survived the episode and the incident led her to move out of her parents’ house, away from all her friends and acquaintances. She returned to Los Angeles and took part in a small drama program that taught her acting lessons and encouraged her to get a college degree.

During her two years in college, Jennifer Lawrence joined a drama club, where she met a woman who would eventually become her co-star in several movies. The woman became Lawrence’s manager, and the two of them have remained friends ever since.

It’s funny, but it was not easy for Lawrence to take on a career as an actress when she first got to Los Angeles, because most of the other actors in her position did not have jobs to fall back on. Many actors, including Jennifer Lawrence, had to learn the ropes of the film industry through small roles on television shows.

To be in the movie industry meant that she had to earn a living, which would be difficult because of her lack of education. Because of this, her acting roles were rather average, although she got nominated for a Grammy award for Best Recording for her work in “The Hunger Games.” But in her early films, she always seemed to end up in the lead role.

Fortunately, after her first film, “The Secret in Their Eyes,” she was cast in some of the top Hollywood movies. She broke onto the scene with her role in “Silver Linings Playbook” and made another memorable appearance in “The Hunger Games” as Katniss Everdeen. Even though her big break came in the same year as the release of “Elysium,” she managed to stay on top of the Hollywood scene.

On Being Successful in Acting: Jennifer Lawrence's Jennifer Lawrence Biography

On Being Successful in Acting: Jennifer Lawrence’s Jennifer Lawrence Biography

Of course, Jennifer Lawrence has made more than a few mistakes while trying to earn her living in the acting business. Some of these are just dumb mistakes, like when she played a character in a television series without getting to know the character before filming.

Some of the worst mistakes Jennifer Lawrence made on the silver screen are very familiar to anyone who has ever watched a movie with a poorly written script. You can get those right from her quotes in her own words, but the more you read them, the more it seems that she’s putting on a brave face while actually trying to learn from her mistakes.

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