Russell Crowe – A Fantastic Actor

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

At the top of my list of actors to watch on the silver screen is Russell Crowe. I recently saw a movie that I highly recommend you do not miss – The Great Gatsby. The movie was not bad at all, but Russell Crowe is definitely on my list.

As far as movies go, The Yellow Pages is the one I need. My friends and I have been trying to find out who this guy is who made such an amazing movie, and we are getting closer every day. On a serious note, we are all excited about the Great Gatsby. We have all seen it, and it is certainly worthy of all the hype it has received.

So what makes Russell Crowe a great actor? Here are three great things about the great Russell Crowe.

He is a great guy to be around. Although we have all met other actors, including Johnny Depp, on occasion, there is a certain chemistry that you get when you are around Russell Crowe. I am sure you get that feeling, even if you haven’t met him. He can bring out that warm smile on your face and tell you just how much he appreciates everything you have done for him in life.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

He is one of the blue-collar guys. No matter what the genre, Hollywood has had many movies starring some of the greatest actors in the world, but very few have had the nice down to earth guys that Russell Crowe has. It’s interesting because there is something that says “not everyone is so lucky” when you see this contrast in roles, but it’s a great thing to see on screen.

The movie is very well made. When you think of a movie being made by Steven Spielberg, you think of a movie going to the screen that is spectacular. The Great Gatsby is no exception. You would never think that this movie could be so good, with the storylines and all the aspects of the script that were so great.

Russell Crowe loves his music. One of the greatest things about the film is the music that was used to create the atmosphere of the movie. Everyone loved that soundtrack. I was especially excited about the music from the scene where Ray Liotta’s character pulls up to Tom Kennedy’s house on the RCA Victor, as it fits perfectly with the scene where Gatsby is waiting for Daisy’s car. It really felt like it fit in.

He is a great actor and is always a welcome sight. He loves the role of Nick Carraway, the alcoholic owner of Gatsby’s saloon, and is always smiling in that role. He looks great and is probably one of the best actors of his generation, if not the best actor of his generation.

Russell Crowe is a fan of his role as Nick Carraway. “I love the way it went over,” he told Yahoo Movies, “It’s a wonderful experience to be part of something so emotionally and visually significant.” “Even though I had a lot of fun with the first Gatsby, I feel like I learned a lot more with this second one. With this one, I was almost in mourning at times, thinking of Mr. Rochester.”

Russell Crowe talks about the sadness and guilt of fame and being involved in the making of the movie. “I wanted it to be true to the feeling of what the story was, so I found a way to tell it through the eyes of Nick, which made it a lot easier.”

Russell Crowe was also very critical of the movie’s script. “The story was too convoluted and the dialogue was very clunky, but it’s the kind of thing I’m not used to seeing. It gave me a lot of trouble to sit through. The acting of the two leads was very good. I didn’t know whether I should admire or hate them.”

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