Tom Hardy – The Workhorse

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has made a name for himself in the English film industry. His successes include two-time Academy Award-winning The Machinist, and a host of films in his own right.

The Machinist is an interesting film in itself. It was made in order to enhance the reputation of actor Tom Hardy. Tom was originally invited to do a role in the film so that he could prove his worth to the company he worked for.

Tom Hardy played the role of William Powell, a chauffeur in a limousine who is hired by the Machinist to accompany him on an important business trip. The story has Tom and the Machinist go on a series of car chases throughout the United Kingdom. It was at this point that the film became controversial as it was deemed to be so much about show business and the pampering of the actors that the real-life relationship between Tom and the Machinist was completely neglected.

Tom was undoubtedly quite happy with the outcome of The Machinist. It gave him a reputation as a man of action. He went on to produce more films that have enjoyed critical acclaim and are generally considered to be some of the best films in history.

The very first film produced by Tom Hardy was an acclaimed drama called The Rock. This was also directed by Hardy, and he plays the role of Hans Shepherd. Whilst some people have considered the film to be a disaster, it’s an entertaining and detailed look at the life of an English soldier during the First World War.

The Rock is considered one of the better movies made by Tom Hardy. It’s just a pity that Tom himself was not as happy with the results. The Rock is certainly not among his best work.

The next film that Tom Hardy directed was released under the title of Aeroplane. This time he played the role of the aristocratic Lord Bullingdon. Lord Bullingdon is a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock. The role he played was one of a philosopher and journalist.

With The Aeroplane and The Rock as his biggest hits, Tom Hardy became a household name. He even had his own TV show on BBC2 called Mr. Hardy. In that program, he interviewed other famous people from the film industry.

The Italian Job, another film that Tom Hardy directed, the director obviously felt he had a talent for directing big-budget action movies. Tom took the leading role in the film, which was about a bank robber called “The Judge”.

Tom Hardy starred in another blockbuster movie with The Fast and the Furious. He played the role of undercover cop Brian O’Conner. The Fast and the Furious are probably the most successful franchise of all time.

Tom Hardy is still a leading man, and in the past few years has filmed another blockbuster in the series, The Revenant. It’s due to hit cinemas in the middle of next month.

It seems that Tom Hardy hasn’t lost his edge or his sense of humor, but you can tell that the work he puts into directing is much more intense than when he was a star on a TV show. Perhaps it’s something that he will continue to do throughout his career.

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